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    How to make the best power-saving state film blowing machine

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    Film blowing machine just die out of materials during boot

       Film blowing machine manufacturing mechanical process of transformation will promote the development of the plastics industry, for a long time, the plastics industry dependent on foreign advanced machinery and equipment, the introduction of foreign technology, will increase the production cost of the plastic industry and plastic industry, develop the intelligent model of plastic not only improves the performance of film blowing machine, can reduce the cost, shortening the working hours, will significantly improve the present situation of plastic industry. Intelligent manufacturing equipment is refers to mechanical equipment with intelligent system, have the perception of the outside world, analysis, decision-making and control functions, the application of the intelligent pattern, film blowing machine with sensing, temperature sensing coefficient, automatic operation can effectively, improve the efficiency, and the blowing film machine with the detection and prevention function.
      Film blowing machine production process is first dry polyethylene particles into the hopper, then particle by its own weight from the hopper into the screw, when the screw and the screw thread oblique edge contact, rotating aslant face plastic faced with aslant vertical thrust. The particle goes forward. Because of the friction between the plastic and the screw and the plastic and the cylinder, the collision and friction between the particles and the outer heating of the cylinder are also due to the plastic melt. The molten plastic head by filtration after removing impurities from the mold, after cooling, blowing the finished film roll.
      Electromagnetic heating (IH) technology is a new high-frequency heating technology, research and development of scientific research personnel, the production of energy saving and environmental protection high frequency heating system, heating efficiency increased to 90% (maximum 99.8%). According to the various plastic processing enterprises in the installation of testing, energy saving and environmental protection high frequency heating system for plastic processing enterprises, energy saving effect is very obvious, saving up to 30%-70%. Fully reflects its energy saving advantages, for plastic processing enterprises to save a lot of electricity costs, improve production efficiency, improve the environment of the workshop, so as to directly reduce the cost of indirect production

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